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Sun Seeker

I saw it this morning.

Caught a glimpse. Running room to room.

Stopping to bask.

Capturing it before it faded.

It was sun-cast shadows radiating through windows.

son seeker


It’s been a dismal week.

The rain is good but after several days without seeing the sun, my outlook can be a bit rain-filled.


Seeing the sunlight this morning reminds me of how constant God is in our lives. Just as the sun still shines even when cloud-covered, our loving father is always there even when life-covered.

Present in every moment.


Life ticks from minute to day to week, at times dreary and dismal.

He is there.

Shining in through windows of the soul though I may not always see.

But perhaps I’m not looking for him.

Bogged down with lists, the urgent, pushing off the important. Am I seeking evidence of his presence? Am I still? Still long enough to recognize and capture moments of blessings?


His word speaks through David:

 Surely you have granted him unending blessings
    and made him glad with the joy of your presence. – Psalm 21:6


Lord,  thank you for unending blessings. Help me be a son seeker.

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