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Advent Dec 7


Advent Dec 8


it’s easy to become distracted this time of year.

to help myself stay focused

with eyes on the manger,

I choose a Joy word


what’s a Joy word?

it’s a word that describes the feeling you want to experience this Christmas season

words like joy, peace, cherish, family,

comfort, stillness, calm, celebration, dwell.

it’s a word that says ‘this is my priority, this is important to me’


once you’ve chosen your joy word

write it out

place it where it will be a constant reminder

then stay focused on it now through the new year


allow yourself to say ‘no’ to activities and demands

that conflict with your joy word

say ‘yes’ to those that will help

make your word become a reality.


take some time today to envision the days that lie ahead

choose your word

ask the Lord to bless it and your Christmas season

He will for He is faithful

and wants nothing more than to be the focus of your heart.




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