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Advent Dec 9


‘Smiling’s my favorite’.

this line from the Christmas movie ‘Elf” –

is one of many that is woven into my family’s daily conversation


as Christmas draws nearer

are you smiling?

we should be –

there’s a lot to smile about!

so much to be thankful for

besides, ‘it’s the hap-happiest season of all’


smiling is an outward sign of happiness

we smile when we’re happy.

 smiles can also be a sign of peace

not only peace as the world knows it,

but a different kind of peace –

the peace we have with God


‘Peace is the smile of God reflected in the soul of the believer.’ – William Hendricksen

the peace that’s found in the manger

and on the cross

now dwells in the soul,

and that IS something to smile about!




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