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I’m honored once again to have one of my devotions featured over at A Word For Women. I struggled with this one for days – so many possible angles and ways to write about God’s love. When it finally came, I couldn’t stop writing about the many ways  . . . praying this will touch your heart and move it closer to His.
song of songs
‘How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.’
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
It’s always made me a little uncomfortable
anytime our relationship with God is set in a romantic context.
Falling in love with God.
Just doesn’t seem right to look it like that.
Maybe it’s my German-Lutheran upbringing.
Yet as I study more about Him
delving deeper in the Word,
I see the Bible as one long love letter to me –
to each of us.
How many times does He say “I love you”?
Over and over again, it’s written with every stroke of pen.
From the very beginning, when I turned my back on Him in the Garden of Eden
lied and hid from Him,
He still sought me,
and gave me a promise that would demonstrate the greatness of His love.
Through the books of the Old Testament,
when the obstinate people of Israel constantly turned from Him
He said, “I have loved you.”
Isn’t that me?
Every thoughtless sin a slap in His face,
every time I insist on doing life my way,
His heart hurts,
yet still He says, “I love you.”
How can I read Song of Songs and not see it?
The vastness and tenderness of a love so deep and personal.
Woven through the life of Jesus
every act was done out of love,
every motive was love
even the cross . . .
the ultimate act of love
each step taken to Calvary
was taken with a heart full of love.
And even though I pounded nails in His hands
He. Still. Loves. Me.
How can I not fall in love with a God who loves me like that?
A God who relentlessly pursues me,
who holds my bare heart, sees me and knows me
yet loves me unconditionally –
no matter what I have done
or how many times I have done it
He forgives
And He. Still. Loves. Me.
He woos me with daily reminders of His love.
Each blessing a gift
for me to unwrap and see
that nothing, absolutely nothing
can separate me from His love.
Who can say that about any relationship?
No matter how many times your heart has been broken, hurt, or disappointed,
I challenge you to take this love dare:
Open yourself up and dare to be loved like this.
Trust your heart to the One who treasures you and will never hurt you.
Open your eyes to see the gifts He lavishes on you.
Open those love letters bound within Scripture,
it’s there that He’s waiting to say to you:
“How do I love Thee? Let me count the ways.”
Place me like a seal over your heart, like a seal on your arm; 
for love is as strong as death, 
   its jealousy unyielding as the grave. 
It burns like blazing fire, like a mighty flame.
–  Song of Songs 8:6

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Advent dec 22


i’ve been thinking about love this week –

Advent’s fourth candle.

capturing God’s love with a few words isn’t easy

a love so vast and deep

constant, unconditional

boundless, selfless


and senseless


senseless because it doesn’t make sense to me –

how the God who created the universe,

the great I am,

can love undeserving, unlovable us?

how can he love us so much that

he gift-wrapped that love

and gave us what he loves the most –

his only son.

why would he, who created all things,

come as a vulnerable, helpless baby,

to live among us, his creation,

to save us from ourselves –

it doesn’t make sense


then he tells us to love one another

and to do an unnatural, difficult thing –

love the unlovable

love those who hurt us

love those who have betrayed us

love those who are hard to love –

that really doesn’t make sense


draw near with the shepherds

peer in the manger

see tiny hands of God

see love come down

and let it warm you –

that senseless, amazing love

that love that gives us hope, and peace and joy

let it fill you and overflow

and love those who are hard to love


who can you show that love to today?





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