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Are you living fully?

the question looms large on the billboard as i sit in traffic

hmmmmm . . .

am i living fully?


at times life can seem pretty full

but it begs the question-

what am i filling my life with?

rushing from here to the next thing

 going through the motions of the day’s demands

without fully being in the moment

actually leaves me feeling pretty empty


perhaps living fully is this –

emptying out the rushings and the have to’s

being still

in the moment

living in the right now

seeing God’s presence here


instead of waiting for tomorrow’s better day

living fully is embracing life today –

even sorrows and shadows

can be keepers of gifts hidden

 living fully is savoring small moments that come and blink away

it’s seeing blessings too abundant to count

it’s being a blessing

and pouring love on friends and family


 I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.  

– John 10:10


so i ask you

are you living fully?

and what are you filling your life with?




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