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Advent dec 16


ok, it’s me.

i’m the one who wants to give the perfect gift

it’s the biggest stress-factor of my holiday

i love giving and making people happy,

but the stress of it can become a joy-zapper

i need to remember that

God has already given us the perfect gift –

when i think about that, stress leaves and joy returns


and what about all those delicious cookies?

so tantalizing

some have special memories baked right into them –

i just HAVE to have one of each – at least!

but after eating too many, i feel less than joyful


and my schedule?

just the other night i caught myself saying

‘there just isn’t enough time to do it all’.

well, i don’t have to do it all.

the problem is, i want to do it all.

God gives me enough time to do what’s important

i’m slowly learning to say no to some things

so that i can enjoy the more important ones.


to find more joy,

less is more

 spend less on gifts, but spend more time with loved ones

eat less of the season’s temptations

be less busy, slow down,

be more still,

and more thankful


that’s where joy can be found





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