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Illuminating Hope

Advent Dec 3

it’s the candle of hope that illuminates

this first week of Advent.


can you imagine life without it?

hope is what we cling to

when darkness consumes and overwhelms –

darkness of tragedy

darkness of illness and of disappointments


yet it is always there –

this hope that lights that darkness

this hope wrapped in swaddling cloth

that lies there in animal trough,

a hope that never disappoints

a hope that anchors the soul


faith may flicker, but we never should feel hopeless

for when we reach out and cling desperately

to God and his faithful promises,

He is actually reaching out and holding us.

Find joy in this hope

and share it someone who feels hopeless.




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 birdsong 2
i love to listen to the rain
i even love a good thunderstorm
it was during a stretch of all-day rains this past spring
that brought a revelation along with the soaking of the earth
through the storm
in the rain
i heard it sing
a sweet, bird-sung melody
a bird?
singing in the rain?
so strange
yet so beautiful
it reminds me of this quote from Emily Dickinson:
‘“Hope” is the thing with feathers –
That perches in the soul –
And sings the tune without the words –
And never stops – at all ‘
there in the darkness
there in the valley
there in the hard days
hope is there
singing to the sweet melody of God’s promise
‘I am with you always’
– Matthew 28:20
this storm will not crush you
it will make you stronger
it will draw you closer
to the great I Am
to the One who saves
the One who loves
‘those who hope in me will not be disappointed’
Isaiah 49:23
listen for it
hope is singing
hope is there
no matter what you are going through
He is with you
and He will not disappoint

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there’s a quote by Helen Keller that says:

‘Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow. It’s what the sunflowers do. ‘


it’s true

no matter the time of day,

young sunflower blossoms and their leaves always face the direction of the sun

soaking in their energy source

to grow and flourish


i bet you can see the lesson already –

when we keep our eyes on the Son,

troubles, pain, afflictions are eclipsed by the brilliance of His glory

and the shadows fall behind us

He is our energy source

He sustains

and gives the strength to walk to path that lies before us


when life consumes and shadows overwhelm

turn to Him

keep your eyes on the Son

be awed by His almighty power

soak in the warm rays of His great love for you

and like the sunflower leaves,

open your hands to receive gifts of His grace


‘Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.’

– Romans 12:12

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