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these days between Christmas and New Years

are some of my favorite of the year –

Christmas still fresh in the heart

and on the brink of a new year

it’s here in the in-between

i spend time reflecting


its a time to look inward

at how we’ve grown over the past year,

how we’ve been made stronger

how we’ve been blessed.


it’s a time to evaluate –

am i living to the fullest?

how am i using my time?

 am i using my gifts?


it’s a time to look back at where the path has brought us

what has happened,

what has been accomplished,

opportunities missed or taken

and when the path took an unexpected turn –

how we have been blessed despite that


it’s a time to look ahead

to a new year full of possibility and potential

a time to dream big

a time to plan – to pray and persist in that plan


the last four Januarys

i have set my intentions

(seems better than resolutions)

and chosen one word that captures those intentions

one word to focus on

to live with for the year


it has been a tremendous tool for me

helping me grow in a specific area

usually the word is simple but has many facets:

one year, my word was ‘dwell

i chose it because i wanted to

dwell in the moment instead of rushing on to the next one,

dwell in the Word

dwell in my home (aka – spend less time at work)


another year i chose the word ‘thrive

and used each letter to represent a certain intention that would help me thrive:

t‘ was using my time wisely

h‘ was to stay hydrated since i have an aversion to drinking water

r‘ was to set aside time to rest and relax

all those intentions were to help me not just survive each day, but thrive!


i’ll admit that it’s easy to forget that one word

but have found it helpful to always have that word in front of me

on the windowsill above the kitchen sink

on the frig

as a desktop background

but the best way i have found to be reminded of my intention for the year

is to wear it


once i began wearing my one little word

it became a way for me to live with it every day if i so chose

a constant reminder


i still benefit from monthly prompts from

the one little word project

and i encourage you to check out Ali Edward’s site

if you are serious about making a change in 2016.

but just wrapping it around my wrist every day has helped me just as much


i hope you’ll consider choosing one or two words that

sum up your intentions for 2016

 i would be honored to help you wear it

just click here to learn more about that

(need help choosing your one little word and setting your intentions? click here for simple questions to ask yourself)


may the new year hold many blessings and possibilities for you




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